Announcing Jill Daugherty's Virtual Tour for The Courage Series

The end of the world will start in the suburbs of Denver with a faery transfer student from Ireland.  If you think that's totally ridiculous, then you understand how Maggie O'Neill feels.  In all of her sixteen years, faeries were something you read about in children's books.  They didn't actually show up on your doorstep.  They didn't kiss you and make your knees go weak and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Until Simon changed everything.  He makes her heart race and her skin burn with excitement, but he also changed her core beliefs about the world and made her see it as a dark and dangerous place filled with monsters that belong only in the lines of faery tales.  There is no doubt in Maggie's mind that she loves Simon, but can she see past who he is and find a place for him in her heart?

One reader flew through the book in just a day: "This book was AMAZING!" Everything about it; the characters, the action, the story line - perfect perfect perfect!" 

Want to know more? Follow along on the Virtual Tour, which kicks off on July 7th! As a special treat, Jill is also offering her first book Courage and Other Demons for free on Amazon from July 17-22, so it's a great chance for you to get to know Jill a little better and see what other reviewers are saying about this incredible series!


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