Indie Rock Cafe Announces Best New DIY Music of 2015; Includes Doug Balmain's - "Burnin' Both Ends"

From Indie Rock Cafe: It's already the first week of April and the DIY releases are piling up. We've released two installments of the Best New DIY Music of 2015, and they’ve been a huge hit with our listeners, subscribers and other music lovers around the globe, accumulating tens of thousands of page views and hundreds of Likes and Tweets. After filtering through tons of submissions, we’re happy to deliver to you Volume III of this popular DIY music discovery series.

Among their choices for Vol. III, is Laramie, Wyoming artist Doug Balmain, who self-released his latest album, Burnin' Both Ends, on March 3rd.  As a fan of bands like The Stone Foxes, Oasis and Ryan Adams, the diversification of his tastes are evident on funky songs like "Bad Habits" and the title track.

View Indie Rock Cafe's full list, and drop by Doug Balmain's official website for more info on where to get a copy of his new release. 

Samantha LienComment