The 1930s Fox Before & After

A lot of our friends know that we spent the majority of last summer/fall working on our house - but I wanted to put up the before and after photos, since most of you didn't see where we started.  Aside from the kitchen, the rest was all DIY - and these photos are really a great reminder how far Bradley and I have come in just a few months! Our home has really morphed so much into our own space now, I forget how much work we put in to get here.

Thank you a million  times over to Sam DeStefano-MB Real Estate Pros because we wouldn't have any of this without you and A-KS Construction LLC who killed it on the floors and our kitchen.  

Landscaping kicks off this month before Brad heads out on tour in April.  Feel free to follow along in our Facebook album if you'd like, or find all of our home projects on Instagram via #the1930sFox.